Christina Jahn
Coaching and Training Inc.

Results through Clarity

Leadership & Inquiry Based Coach
Learning Design and Delivery
Leadership and Recruitment Training and Consulting

Christina Jahn
Coaching and Training Inc.

CJCT provides inquiry based, non-directive coaching for individuals and groups, as well as learning and development consulting services for organizations.

Coaching focuses on engaging with the client in a thought- provoking and creative process that promotes awareness and inspires action, Clients connect to their wisdom and tap into their energy to find a way forward.

Learning and Development services encompass curriculum and instructional design to training delivery and facilitation. CJCT specializes in recruitment, technical and leadership training – particularly for the staffing industry.

In both instances, CJCT facilitates individuals and organizations to tap into their full potential by accessing clarity and connection.


As a coach, CJCT is your thinking partner and a catalyst for change. Coaching can be applied to pretty much anything – work or personal realm; issue or relationship – coaching is flexible to address this all. What clarity and momentum can you find through coaching?

If people are your most valuable resource, what would investing in them do for you and your team? CJCT designs and delivers customized talent development programs that unlock and leverage the power of people to achieve fabulous results.

Leadership Training

Achieving your full potential begins with a conversation.

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