What would happen if you took the time to pause, breathe, notice?

Turn IN to yourself. Turn INTO yourself.

As your coach, I am your thinking partner and a catalyst for change. My passion and gift is facilitating individuals and organizations to tap into their full potential through clarity and connection.

What can coaching do for you?

How does coaching work?

Coaches provide a service based on their skill in facilitating learning, whereas consultants provide service based on their experience and knowledge base in a particular area. Consultation can include coach-like processes, whereas the coaching process only offers expertise when it is useful as an ingredient for the client to find their own solutions.

Many clients seek a coach who has experience in their industry or role, hoping for someone who tell them how to be successful (and therefore acting as a mentor). Effective coaches help the client to discover their own way of being successful in their chosen area.

Coaching focuses on the present and future, whereas counseling focuses on the past.
Coaching avoids analysis of the client’s situations, as this is beyond the scope of a coach’s training. A coach will clarify the boundaries of their expertise.

Coaching places the responsibility for action clearly on the client.


I have been blessed to do some coaching work with Christina for the last couple of months, and it has been a wonderful gift. Christina has a way of making you comfortable and truly “seen”. I found myself able to be open and vulnerable and really dig into some issues that were blocking me, that I hadn’t completely realized. Christina has a way of holding space that does not feel invasive, but nurturing and collaborative. She does this with great empathy and insight, while also allowing for a clarity of action. It allowed me to put plans into place that were positive and achievable.
T. H., Performance Manager
Toronto, ON
Christina’s inquiry based coaching allowed me to go to the root of things and helped shift my mindset. There were scary moments, for sure, but they were always held in a safe space of love, trust, and honour; the vulnerability became easier because of the space that was held.
J. F. S., Parenting Expert and Coach
Calgary, AB

Achieving your full potential begins with a conversation.

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