Change and Constancy

All of us have been adjusting to many changes and some of those are very big changes.
Change, even when chosen or welcome, can be a little stressful, but what happens when change is thrust upon us? Add uncertainty in the mix, and what happens to our thoughts and feelings?

Remember that even in change and turmoil, there are constants. There are things that don’t change.
What do you notice is constant or unchanged for you? What can you count on?

Here are some things I notice in my world:
My love for my family and friends and they for me is something I can rely on all time, any time.

At work, it’s that I have fabulous clients who I enjoy interacting with. I trust and respect them and they reciprocate. I know that what I do brings value to them, and that feels amazing.

I notice that even though the sun sets, I can rely on the sun coming up the next morning.

Can we tune in and appreciate these things that we can count on? Can we invite ourselves to breathe in the feelings of love, trust, and gratitude when we bring our attention to this?

As leaders, as family members, as friends, we can help others by asking them to notice: What is constant? What can you rely on?

Pause. Breathe. Notice.

I invite you.

Stay well, dear ones!

With much love, Christina

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