Action vs. Pause

I don’t know about you, but staying at home doesn’t feel like a very heroic thing to do.
The thought: “I should be doing more” often creeps in, along with the requisite feelings of inadequacy or not doing my part or shame because maybe I am just being lazy. Judge, judge, judge.

But what if we turn this around? What if we shift our perspective?
What if it’s not DOING that we are called to, but BEING?

A close family friend, Reinie, years ago said to me: “We spend a lot of time being human doings, and not enough time being human beings.” That really resonated with me then, and it continues to do so.

This text by Emma Zeck speaks to this:

With this open time
You do not have to write the next bestselling novel
You do not have to get in the best shape of your life
You do not have to start that podcast

What you can do instead is observe this pause as an opportunity
The same systems we see crumbling in society are being called to crumble in each of us individually
The systems that taught us we are machines that live to produce and we are disposable if we are not doing so
The systems that taught us monetary gain takes priority over humanity
The systems that create our insecurities then capitalize off of them

What if we became curious with this free time, 
And had no agenda other than to experience being?
What if you created art for the sake of creating?
What if you allowed yourself to rest and cry and laugh and play and get curious about whatever arises in you?

What if our true purpose is in this space?

As if mother earth is saying: we can no longer carry on this way. The time is now - I am reminding you who you are. Will you remember?

I invite you.

Pause. Breathe. Notice.

What does BEING feel like for you? Right in this moment?

Pause. Breathe. Notice.

Stay well, dear ones!

With much love, Christina

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